Our technology consists of an end-to-end target and therapeutic discovery pipeline – enabling the development of next generation therapies for solid tumors with curative potential. By starting with a productive immune response from patients who have responded to immunotherapy we identify shared targets and therapeutically active TCRs.

We combine high dimensional single cell sequencing data to identify TCRs responsible for anti tumor immune responses.

We integrate highly diverse libraries for target screening with machine learning algorithms, to enable unprecedented identification of both shared targets and off-tumor targets of reactive T cells.

Our expertise in immunology, synthetic biology, computation, and drug development, enables us to develop the next generation of therapies for broad patient populations.

3T’s platform addresses two major challenges in immunotherapy development

Identification of novel shared T cell receptor targets of productive immune responses against solid tumors and other diseases.

Comprehensive screening of T cell receptors for specificity and off-target cross-reactivities.

Path to ID Novel Targets and Profile TCRs for Specificity

3T Biosciences Path Id Novel Targets Graphic Blue Icons

3T’s platform covers a broad and genetically diverse patient population to facilitate immunotherapy for the majority of cancer patients

3T Biosciences Broad Coverage And Scale Graphic

Importantly, this target identification strategy focuses on productive immune responses against cancer and viral infections or immune responses associated with autoimmune diseases, and is termed response-guided target identification.

3T Platform for TCR Profiling and Target Identification


Processing and sequencing of patient tumor samples to identify tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs).


Screening T cell receptors on the 3T Platform enables us to identify the landscape of targets that can be recognized by a T cell receptor.


Synthetic peptides identified from the 3T screen with machine learning algorithms are used to identify T cell receptor specificities and off-target cross-reactivities.


Validation of targets by antigen processing, T cell activation and tumor cell killing.

Enabling Multiple Therapeutic Modalities

Novel TCR Cell Therapies

Best in-class T cell receptor cell therapies against 3T identified targets.

Peptide Vaccines

Best in-class synthetic peptide sequences to boost immune responses toward tumor targets.


Screening cross-reactivities of TCR-mimic protein therapeutics to enable safer antibody drug conjugates, bispecifics, CAR-T cells and other modalities.