About Us

3T Biosciences is an immunotherapy company based in South San Francisco. The company’s 3T-TRACE technology applies a yeast display platform and active machine learning to identify novel targets and T-cell receptors (TCRs). This innovative approach eliminates two major challenges in advancing TCR-based therapeutics: identifying tumor specific targets and the ability to assess the specificity and cross-reactivity of a potential therapeutic TCR prior to entering the clinic. 3T Biosciences is led by an experienced management team, driven by innovation discovered at Stanford University, and supported by top investors from the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Hayan Health Networks, CRV, Asset Management Ventures, Thiel, OS Fund, and Menlo Ventures. Together, the team at 3T Biosciences aims to discover and develop transformative therapies for oncology, autoimmune and infectious disease patients who are in dire need of additional options.

Major Opportunities for T Cell Mediated Disease Indications

3T Biosciences Major Opportunities Graphic