About Us

Our mission is to solve a major bottleneck in the field of immunotherapy – the identification of novel targets for the treatment of solid tumors in broad patient populations. Our immune-response guided target ID approach allows us to identify the most prevalent targets and pharmacologically active TCRs in patients with a productive immune response following CPI treatment.

Our proprietary screening platform and computational technology allows us to identify the most prevalent T cell receptor (TCR) targets and to advance safe and effective therapies in solid tumors, avoiding the normal tissues toxicities that have in the past limited their success in clinical settings.

TCRs recognize intracellular antigens presented on tumor cells and are now recognized as the key mediators of the long-lasting anti-tumor responses seen in a subset of solid tumor patients following treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors (CPIs).

In addition to TCR-T cell therapies, we develop high affinity pHLA binders which enable therapeutic modalities such as ADC, bispecifics and CAR-T cells to selectively target tumors while sparing normal tissues.

The 3T technology has utility in other T cell mediated disease areas, including autoimmunity, allergy and infectious diseases.

Major Opportunities for T Cell Mediated Disease Indications

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