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Putting it all together

Our proprietary 3T-TRACETM platform technology revolutionizes target discovery and therapeutic development, by taking advantage of diverse target libraries and machine-learning algorithms to identify and validate T cell receptor (TCR) targets and specificities. By uncovering these novel targets, we strive to create therapies that are specific, safer, and more effective for broad patient populations who are desperately in need of new treatments.


Based in South San Francisco, 3T Biosciences was founded in 2017 based on work in Dr. K. Christopher Garcia’s lab at Stanford University. Our world-class management team and staff share decades of expertise in immunology, synthetic biology, computation and pharmaceutical R&D. We come to work every day with our patients in mind, and we are passionate about finding cures for the most difficult-to-treat diseases.

We saw the need to develop novel technologies that synergize experimentation and computation using data-driven approaches to uncover how the immune system recognizes and responds to cancer. By studying patient immune responses against cancer, we can discover the best immunogenic targets that can be generalized for multiple tumor indications and across patient populations. By pairing this with therapeutics that have been optimized for safety and efficacy, 3T Biosciences is working to create transformative therapies.



Tact, Transparency, and Trust are the three pillars of 3T Biosciences culture. These three pillars are key to our strong focus on empowering each 3T colleague to focus on building the strength of our team and working harmoniously together. We encourage career growth, flexibility, and encouragement to learn about new fields, build new skill-sets, and apply these skills to foster innovation and accelerate research and therapeutic development.

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We treat each other how we want to be treated. We encourage others to think beyond work and learn more about each other on a personal level to allow us all to see our collective strengths.

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Transparency empowers everyone to understand how their role fits into the larger picture. As we strive for efficiency, transparency allows everyone to make the best decisions for the broader goals of the company.

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Trust enables all of us to work cohesively together and to delegate work to experts in their respective fields.