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Marvin Gee, PhD

Co-Founder, Vice President, Head of Research

Marvin Gee

Dr. Gee is Vice President, Head of Research at 3T Biosciences. He is co-founder of 3T Biosciences and an internationally recognized expert and pioneer in the field of pHLA targeting via T cell receptors and bispecific T cell engagers. Dr. Gee brings more than a decade of domain expertise across the intersections of T cell receptor biology, immunology, structural biology, protein engineering, bioinformatics, and machine learning.

He received his PhD in Immunology, with a focus in Computational Immunology at Stanford University in the laboratory of K. Christopher Garcia. Dr. Gee received a BS from Caltech  where he worked in the laboratory of David Baltimore to engineer T cell receptors for adoptive T cell therapy.

For his accomplishments, he has been recognized and featured in Forbes 30-under-30 in Healthcare and Endpoints 20-under-40 in Biopharma.