Position Specifics:

South San Francisco, CA

3T Biosciences is solving a major bottleneck in the field of immunotherapy – identifying novel targets that can be used to generate therapies to treat cancer in broad patient populations. We are developing transformative T cell receptor therapies for cancer and other immune-related diseases. Our proprietary experimental and computational technology allows us to identify novel T cell receptor targets as well as clinical toxicities to create safe and effective therapies.


We’re committed to making a difference for patients. Our creative, dynamic, and out-of-the-box thinking makes 3T Biosciences the perfect engine to drive therapeutic solutions to reality.  We’re looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals to bring their talents to a fast-paced environment.

Your Typical Responsibilities:

  1. Maintaining cell lines and primary human immune cell cultures
  2. Multicolor flow cytometry and single cell sorting
  3. Culturing of primary human immune cells and human cell lines (T cells, B cells, Dendritic Cells, tumor cells, etc.)
  4. Managing workflows and subsequent data analysis
  5. Producing lentivirus and transducing tumor and immune cells
  6. Creating presentations and providing written and verbal updates on scientific findings
  7. Collaborating with Computational, Target Discovery, and Protein Engineering teams

Required Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  2. 2+ years of industry experience
  3. Experience in molecular biology techniques (gel electrophoresis, PCR, in vitro transcription)
  4. Experience with mammalian cell culture and immune co-culture assays
  5. Expertise in flow cytometry and cell sorting
  6. Knowledge in any of the following fields: cellular and molecular biology or immunology
  7. Self-motivated and a proactive thinker – can work independently and in teams
  8. Excellent written and communication skills presenting scientific data

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. 5+ years of industry experience relevant to immunology and/or assay development
  2. Experience with culturing PBMCs or TILs over extended periods of time
  3. Experience with antigen processing assays
  4. Experience with single cell workflows
  5. Experience with Asana and Benchling for project tracking/management

Please contact info@3tbiosciences.com with your cover letter and resume.

Please contact info@3tbiosciences.com with your cover letter and resume.