Scientist I/II – Therapeutic Discovery (Protein Engineering)

Position Specifics:

3T Biosciences is solving a major bottleneck in the field of immunotherapy – identifying novel targets that can be used to generate therapies to treat cancer in broad patient populations. We are developing transformative T cell receptor therapies for cancer and other immune-related diseases. Our proprietary experimental and computational technology allows us to identify novel T cell receptor targets as well as clinical toxicities to develop safe and effective therapies.


We’re committed to making a difference for patients. Our ambitious, creative, and collaborative team makes 3T Biosciences the perfect engine to drive therapeutic solutions to reality. We’re looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated team-players to bring their talents to a fast-paced environment.

Your Typical Responsibilities:

  • Design, execute, and manage antibody discovery campaigns using phage and/or yeast display
  • Lead and execute antibody screening and characterization through methods such as ELISA, binding kinetics by SPR, flow cytometry, and cell-based assays
  • Molecular cloning of library sequences for recombinant expression
  • Explore and implement new technologies in antibody engineering
  • Work in a matrixed team environment, routinely collaborating with Protein Science and Biology groups to advance programs

Required Qualifications:

  • Doctoral (PhD) degree or equivalent or equivalent industry experience
  • Experience with phage and/or yeast-display
  • Experience in designing and generating libraries such as site saturation and combinatorial variant libraries for protein optimization
  • Experience in molecular biology including in techniques for DNA construction such as Gibson Assembly
  • Ability to work independently to design, execute, interpret, and troubleshoot experiments
  • A team player with excellent verbal and written communication skills, highly organized, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of industry experience relevant to protein engineering and protein expression
  • Experience using NGS technologies to address biological questions
  • Development of HT molecular cloning protocols
  • Knowledge of pHLA targets, TCRs, or TCRm
  • Experience working with bi-specifics and cell engagers
  • Experience with high-throughput robotics automation
  • Experience with Asana and Benchling for project tracking/management

Please contact [email protected] with your cover letter and resume.

3T Biosciences is an equal opportunity employer. We proudly celebrate diversity and are dedicated to inclusivity.

3T Biosciences does not accept profiles, candidate summaries, or resumes from recruiting vendors without a binding written agreement. Any unsolicited submission of services and or resumes in no way creates an obligation or duty by 3T Biosciences, implied or otherwise.

The anticipated salary range for fully qualified candidates applying for this role at 3T Biosciences’ California based location will be $1155,000 – $135,000 (which may or may not include bonus, equity, or benefits). The final salary offered will be dependent on several factors that include and are not limited to – relevant previous experience, job responsibilities and duration of experience, the type and length of experience within the industry and education.