Position Specifics:

South San Francisco, CA


Supervision of up to 9 RAs/PhDs, leading collaborations for TCR mimic (TCRm) programs, growth potential for management track, will oversee and lead protein engineering for all modalities (TCRs, TCR mimics, Cancer Vaccines). Up to 30 % time spend in the lab.

Key Responsibilities

1.) Discovery Research 

Identification of TCRm compounds binding to pHLA complexes: development of workplans, definition of success criteria, identification and preclinical characterization of TCR mimic compounds. 

  • Support of external collaborations as team leader and alliance manager
    • TCRm identification and optimization of TCRm based biotherapeutics 
  • Interaction with CROs 
    • Manufacturing of pHLA compounds
  • Biophysical characterization of lead compounds
  • Development of 3T internal TCRm platform, based on affinity maturation of TCRs

Continuous optimization of yeast display libraries

  • Assay throughput, reproducibility
  • Library diversity, composition, 

2.) Program Development 

TCR engineering: Protein engineering support for lead TCRs identified for T cell therapies with the goal to generate compounds with optimal therapeutic indexes (optimal efficacy and safety characteristics).

  • Development of TCR libraries for rapid TCR lead optimization and selection
  • Structure guided engineering of TCRs with highest target pHLA specificity

Protein engineering to advance TCRm based therapeutics

  • Evaluation of different platforms to generate TCRm-CD3 bispecific compounds with optimal tumor selectivities (eg. IgG, VHH, other formats) 
  • Evaluation of optimal modality platform for biotherapeutic development of TCRm compounds
  • Contributions to regulatory filings of biotherapeutics

3.) Presentations to management, collaborators, board and investors.

  • Leading external collaborations with focus on TCRm identification
  • Regular presentation in front of the board or investors


Background: 5 to 10 years of industry experience working in Molecular Biology, Protein Engineering, Biochemistry or similar. Track record in leading a protein engineering group and contributions to therapeutic compounds advancing to IND filings, clinical trials. 


Relevant experience: engineering of IgGs, VHHs or other scaffolds. Phage and/or yeast display technology, mammalian library design and screening, high throughput screening of scFvs, VHHs, Biacore, structure guided protein engineering, interaction with CROs and other research organizations, FACS, T-cell assay development, TCR engineering, strong familiarity with Bioinformatics.


Technical skills: Biacore, FACS, High throughput screening of phage and yeast display libraries, generation and screening of antibody libraries, deep sequencing, and bioinformatics.


Please contact info@3tbiosciences.com with your cover letter and resume.